Top 8 Benefits to Go Organic

How much do you know about organic food and their benefits? At Ethical Trading Group we are committed to provide and share the right information about organic foods and their production.

Most people might think that it is not affordable to consume these products, or it is something that is just on fashion at the moment. The lack of information about them, makes consumers ignore their great benefits for our health, for the environment and for our society, plus the cost-benefit of its consumption.

Here are 8 basic reasons why we should include organic products in our daily diet:

1. They have more nutrients

Organic foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, sugars and micronutrients, than conventional products.

2. You can enjoy a better taste

A well balanced and nourished soil produces more healthy and better taste food, this means a nicer and fresher flavour.

3. Protects our ecosystem

Organic farming works in harmony with the nature and preserve our ecosystem by allowing organisms to interact naturally with their physical environment.

4.  Keeps our water cleaner

The use of pesticides and other chemicals involved in conventional farming contaminates not only our water but our environment too. Organic farming also helps to keep our water clean plus uses less water, hence preserving our water supplies.

5. Promotes the growth of fair trade

The non-use of intermediaries contributes to benefit independent farmers, thus they receive a fair payment for their products.

6. Keeps our future generations safe

Investing in the development of organic production, will create a sustainable future for our kids and for many generations to come.

7. Maintains a biochemical balance in our bodies

Eating organic food helps to reduce health risk not only in adults but babies also. Therefore, these products are more safer to consume, unlike conventional food that contains harmful hormones and pesticides that could stay for years in our organism.

8. They are more eco-friendly

Organic farms production methods create less damage to our environment than traditional foods. Producers and consumers have the social responsibility to maintain sustainability and biodiversity.

In conclusion, consuming organic foods not only will change our eating habits, but it will contribute to have a better health, and preserve our environment. So, have you include organic foods in your shopping list for this week?

For more information about our work visit our website: Ethical Trading Group


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