Our Most Beloved Products

In the last few weeks, we have conducted in our stores a survey between our customers to know what are their favourite products, so you will have a better idea of what we have to offer. At Ethical Trading Group stores you will find not only these, but a good selection and variety of eco-friendly range of products, and the best part is that they are ethically produce using sustainable products.


We stock a large range of lovingly handmade toys from all over the world. Purchase with confidence that they are child and environmentally friendly. To see our full range, drop into one of our stores!


Sustainable, fair trade and sourced from all over the world. Drop in store, sample our range and leave knowing you have the best coffee in the world.


Amazing French lavender creating a gorgeous scent for your home and linens. We work with France’s leading charitable organisation purchasing picked and packed lavender bags supporting youth unemployment outcomes.


Sourced from Morocco, our supplier in the Mid-Atlas mountains began a Prickly Pear Seed planting project to provide additional economic activity for the women inhabitants.Ideal for mature, dry skin, prickly pear seed oil moisturises and softens skin while restoring skin’s elasticity, protecting against free radicals, and brightening under-eye circles.

As you can see, we offer products for all ages and occasions. If you like to receive more information about these and other products from our store, feel free to contact us or visit one of our stores around Australia.

Ethical Trading Group 



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