The Beginner’s Guide to Live a Sustainable Life

What is a Sustainable Living?

It is a way of life, that aims to reduce or limit our demand for natural and personal resources. In simple words, it is taking care of our nature so nature can take care of us. In order to create a better future for the upcoming generations, we have to build a balance between our natural, economic and social systems. There are many methods to achieve a better sustainable life, things we can do at home, at work, or in our community.

Leave the car at home

When possible, choosing public transport is more environmentally friendly that using a car, and it will also give you the time to do some reading or other things you can’t do while driving. Walking or riding not only will benefit our environment and reduce pollution, but it will also improve our health and fitness.


Don’t use plastic bags

Take reusable bags to the grocery shops or buy products with less packaging. The more plastic we use, the more damage we are doing to our environment, and this include plastic water bottles. Try to cook and eat at home to avoid buying food in disposable take away containers, cups or plastic cutlery and straws.


Reuse and recycle

Repurpose old products to reduce more waste to landfill. Keep always a recycle bin at your home for glass, paper, metal and wood. Get creative and learn how to reuse your things, like glass jars, wrapping paper, boxes and worn clothes. And go electronic where possible to reduce paper waste.


Be more energy efficient 

Simple things such as changing your light bulbs to a more efficient ones like LED, which will last longer too, or turn off the lights when leaving a room, to save more energy. Use natural light as much as possible, as well as turning off your devices at night or when they are not in use. All these changes will also help you to reduce your electricity bills.


Practice a minimalist lifestyle

Maximise the use of everything you own, reuse what you have and repurpose old things. Save money by buying less articles and clothes, or invest more in quality products that will last longer. When decluttering your things at home, donate what you are no longer using, resell them, or share with others, like clothes and toys.

Plant your own veggies

Start with a few plants, like herbs or basic veggies. No garden? Don’t worry, you don’t need acres to plant your own food, simple use pots along driveways, balcony or close to windows. Another option to practice a sustainable living is to became a member of a community garden in your area. At the same time, try not to use pesticides or other chemicals in your garden, remember organic food taste better!

Go paperless

With all the technology that we have, there are many ways to reduce the use of paper in our daily life. Read the news online instead of buying newspapers, and ask for your bills to be send by email instead. Borrow books from the library, or try to find and read information online. Use re-washable rags or tea towels instead or paper towels for general cleaning purposes, like spills. Stop unwanted mail by contacting those companies to remove you off their list, it will help to reduce clutter, help the environment and protect your privacy.


Consume and buy fair-trade products

If possible, look for the fair-trade certification when purchasing items, it won’t only mean that their producers are receiving fair prices for their goods, but it will also tells you that these products were made or grown using sustainable methods and techniques. A fair trade focus ensures better prices for suppliers, decent working conditions, and local sustainability.

This is only a shortlist of things that we can do each day to be more sustainable. There are many ways to aim a better sustainable lifestyle, and so many different articles with more information and tips on the internet. And, if you are more of a visual person, we highly recommend to check these 10 Must-Watch Documentaries on Sustainability  to know more about the world we live in.

Some of you may already be doing a few of these things, or more, which is great! If not, you can help to make a change, by sharing this post, or by leaving a comment below, and let us know your ideas or what you do (or will be doing) to became more eco-friendly? Are you ready to start practicing a sustainable life?

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change”

– Barbara Mikulski –

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