The Beginner’s Guide to Live a Sustainable Life

What is a Sustainable Living? It is a way of life, that aims to reduce or limit our demand for natural and personal resources. In simple words, it is taking care of our nature so nature can take care of us. In order to create a better future for the upcoming generations, we have to… Continue reading The Beginner’s Guide to Live a Sustainable Life

Our Most Beloved Products

In the last few weeks, we have conducted in our stores a survey between our customers to know what are their favourite products, so you will have a better idea of what we have to offer. At Ethical Trading Group stores you will find not only these, but a good selection and variety of eco-friendly… Continue reading Our Most Beloved Products

Top 8 Benefits to Go Organic

How much do you know about organic food and their benefits? At Ethical Trading Group we are committed to provide and share the right information about organic foods and their production. Most people might think that it is not affordable to consume these products, or it is something that is just on fashion at the moment.… Continue reading Top 8 Benefits to Go Organic